Swedish Ice Hotel Is Incredibly Elaborate

If Disney ever decides to make a real-life version of Frozen, we know exactly where to send them to shoot the ever famous Let It Go sequence: Sweden’s Ice hotel in the tiny village of Jukkasjärvi. For the past 26 years, this pop-up building has been hand-carved out of ice and snow harvested from the nearby River Torn, resulting in a totally unique design every time it opens — and this year’s structure does not disappoint

The hotel features 55 rooms and was built in just two months out of 4,000 tons of snow and ice. Even cooler (har har): 19 of those rooms are elaborate suites that were designed by different artists and given a unique theme. Depending on what room you choose, the price per night ranges between $300 and $1,000 for the deluxe suite with a heated bathroom and sauna (um, yeah, we’re gonna need one of those).

If you’re worried you’ll be uncomfortable sleeping in a room whose temps sometimes dip below freezing, don’t be: While the walls and bed frame are made out of ice, the mattress isn’t. And guests tuck into expedition-style sleeping bags to stay warm while they sleep. Plus, the hotel provides packing guidelines (and loaner outerwear, just in case) so guests know exactly what they should bring to stay cozy.

Curious about your options? There’s a suite inspired by the 1920 cult horror film, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, designed by Petros Dermatas and Ellie Souti:

Or an almost 10-foot-tall African elephant in “The Elephant Room” designed by Anna Sofia Maag:

And there’s even an elaborate peacock in Tjåsa Gusfors and David Andrén’s “Show Me What You Got” suite:

Here’s a peek at a few more of the magical rooms.


[via Inhabitat]



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