Street Art That Cleverly Interact With Nature

Urbanism and nature do not always get along well, but when they do, the collaboration may create something really special and unique. We’re talking about street artists who incorporate elements of nature into their graffiti, turning 2D paintings into amazing 3D installations.

In these cases not every wall or pavement could be turned into street art: the artist has to search for the perfect spot, knowing that the elements of nature are not permanent, so the piece can’t remain for long. However, the struggle is worth it – these pieces really turn heads and amuse passersby more than most of other forms of street art.

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Image credits: Banksy

Image credits: Công Thành

Image credits: unknown

Image credits: unknown

Image credits: hankdiggles

Image credits: Gabz

Image credits: David Zinn

Image credits: Sandrine Boulet

Image credits: Zoltron

Image credits: David Zinn

Image credits: unknown

Image credits: Aakash Nihalani


Image credits: Julien Coquentin

Image credits: Ernest Zacharevic

Image credits: unknown

Image credits: Ernest Zacharevic

Image credits: EVOL

Image credits: David Zinn

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